Meet the new ND series

ND is a new direction of the company, which allowed us to maintain quality while making the knife more affordable. We offer you all-metal knives made by CNC forces with an interchangeable handle made of G10.

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Meet the new ND series

Damascus steel knives

Damascus steel over 1200 layers

Damascus steel knives

Legendary USSR military knives NKVD

Handmade forged USSR RUSSIAN NR-40 and NKVD knife

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Legendary USSR military knives NKVD
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Fillet knife from damask steel

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Samurai knife 1 from Damascus steel

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Russian knife workshop Istok

Hunting knives from the manufacturer

A hunting knife will come in handy in any situation - a good hunting knife can be used to carve up prey. We will help you choose a knife for hunting. It is very easy to buy original Russian knives of good quality at an affordable price with delivery to Europe and the USA. See the catalog of our store and choose the best knife. Contact our online consultants, they will tell you which steel is better for a hunting knife, help with the choice of blades for knives, tell you about the materials of the handle. Our workshop has its own full-cycle knife production. The advantages of buying in the Istok knife workshop: prices for knives from the manufacturer, a guarantee for each knife, no chance of getting a fake, very fast delivery.

How much does hunting knife cost?

Depending on the steel on the knife blade, handle material, manufacturing technology and design, the cost of handmade knives can start from 49 USD. In our store mirknife.ru/en we guarantee low prices.

 Making a knife for hunting or fishing

For self-assembly of a knife in our store there is a large assortment of blades for knives, exotic wood for handles, casting for knives from nickel-silver, brass and bronze.

How to assemble a knife yourself?

 A quality blade is required for assembly.

The basis of any knife is a blade, it must keep sharpening for a long time, be resistant to corrosion, and hold shock loads well. For the handle, when assembling the knife, stabilized Karelian birch or exotic woods are suitable. Pommels, guard, back or bolster from our catalog of knife casting will help to give the future knife a beautiful look.

How to make a knife blade?

Making blades for knives is a complex process. In order to make a blade you will need a belt grinder "grinder" and material for the blade. In the Istok knife workshop you can order forgings and buy steel for knives. Forged blanks (forgings) from steel D2 and 440C are very popular in the manufacture of blades. Elmax and Bohler M390 steel blanks received wide distribution and positive feedback.

Handmade knives from Russia

Connoisseurs of knives and people who are fond of knife topics are well aware of the difference between handmade knives and serial factory knives. It is the hands of masters with many years of experience that author and exclusive knives are created with an engraving on the blade or inlaid on the handle.

Exclusive knives

The masters of our company have extensive experience in making designer knives. In such knives, as a rule, expensive species of exotic wood are used, blades made of mosaic damask or laminated steel.

Replicas of legendary Military USSR knives Fink NKVD and NR 40

NKVD knives are deservedly popular with buyers. Replicas of the Military USSR NKVD knife, which are produced by our workshop, practically do not differ from the original, however, they have various options for the execution of handles and steel on the blades. We recommend that you look at the knives of military intelligence and Fink NKVD presented in the catalog in order to buy the most successful model in your opinion! If you are thinking of buying a handmade knife, then you should pay attention to the entire range of our catalog.

Knife workshop Istok is ready to offer its customers:

 Knives for tourism;

• Throwing knives;

• Fillet and kitchen knives;

• Knives for survival;

• Folding knives;

• Flip pocket knives;

• Combat knives;

• Officers dagger;

• Bolsters Guards Pommels for knife making

• Exotic wood for knife handle

 Where can you buy a Russian handmade knife with delivery?

For buyers, and for those who assemble knives themselves, an online store of handmade knives from the Istok workshop will be a good helper, where you can view photos, read reviews about knives. You can buy a handmade knife with international delivery in the online store mirknife.ru. DHL courier delivery works in Europe and the USA. Our online store gives a guarantee for each product, as well as a certificate for the knife.